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What is PageRank???

What is PageRank???
PageRank is one of the main features of the Google search engine and created by its founder, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. PageRank is a patented algorithm that serves to determine which website is more important or popular (Fary SJ Oroh).
Blogger must have often heard this word PageRank. But you know my friends how the workings of PageRank? For those who do not yet know it, the following tutorial will expose Blog:
PageRank (henceforth we call PR) has a value of 1-10. The higher the PR of a blog means that blogs are more popular than blogs PR underneath. PR has a formula (algorithm) to calculate the incoming links (inbound links) and outgoing links (outbound links) of every page of your blog / site. Here's the algorithm:

Initial algorithm PR (A) = (1-d) + d ((PR (T1) / C (T1)) + ... + (PR (Tn.) / C (Tn))

One of the other algorithms published PR (A) = (1-d) / N + d ((PR (T1) / C (T1)) + ... + (PR (Tn) / C (Tn)))

PR (A) is the PageRank page A
PR (T1) is the PageRank of page T1 refers to page A
C (T1) is the number of outgoing links (outbound links) on page T1
d is a damping factor which can be between 0 and 1.
N is the total number of web pages (which is indexed by google)

From the above algorithm, can my friends see that the size of a page's PageRank is, not the blog / site as a whole. If a blog has a PR 3, is not necessarily the pages (post-post) in it also has a PR 3.My friends also note that (PR (T1) / C (T1)). The point is that the number of incoming links to a blog page will be divided by the number of outgoing links from the same blog page. So, although the blog Temen's apartment has a lot of backlinks, it's useless if the link is out of my friends blog pages is greater than the number of backlinks. (As for example on the new blog "change stream" into dofollow blogs, PR blogs will be straight down).
Then how do I work PageRank?A blog has a PR 6 will be the first listing in the Google search list than a blog that has PR5 and so are smaller.PageRank, has the same basic concept of link popularity, but not only consider the number of inbound and outbound links.Level / scale popular here means is the number of incoming links (the blog) from blogs / other sites or what we call backlinks.
A page would be considered important by Google, if that page has a link entry from the blog page / other sites. A page is also considered important if there are other pages with high PR refers to the page.
Comments with on dofollow blogs only (main theme which relefan with our blog) we've saved one inbound links or backlinks. Well, especially if the Temen dofollow blog's apartment has a PageRank lived earlier comment above 3. Well, it means backlinks already Temen's apartment last tube will be more weighted alias quality. Passable (oh, what language tu?) Temen's apartment to leave a comment on PR6 dofollow blog rather than leaving a lot of comments on blogs that have PR 0.
What needs to be done to increase the PageRank?

* Leaving a dofollow blog links on a higher PR (the easiest way, so leave a comment)
* Avoid copy-paste the content of other blogs that had a higher PR. (If there are 2 blogs / websites that have the same content, Google will prioritize your blog / website that had a higher PR)
* Check the existence of broken links in your blog friends. (Broken links will make Google difficulty indexes blog pages).
* Sisipkanlah continuous internal links within each post. (In one post A there is a link that leads to posts of B. In B posts there is a link that leads to post C, Z and so on until there is a link that posts back to the post A)
* Optimize your blog loading speed.
* Use Blogspot domain, because the domain Google Blogspot seems more calculated than Wordpress domain.
hopefully useful... :)

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